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What We Offer

,Accidents happen! Island Safety & First Aid supply interactive and hands on first aid and safety classes focused on the concept of creating the confidence to care. Our qualified instuctors teach in both English and French while implementing our informative training sessions with passion.

Basic Life Support First Aid

The Basic Life Support First Aid course is our solution for anyone who needs to learn or refresh their knowledge of first aid. This course covers all aspects of first and secondary aid as well as CPR and AED use in the aim of teaching people to help save lives.

Corporate First Aid

Having qualified first aiders in an office is not only mandated by the Mauritian government, but also the best way to make sure that any of your employees can be cared for in case of an accident. Our Corporate First Aid course covers first aid and safety related to any kind of business: restaurants, hotels, construction, office spaces and more.

Health & Safety In the Workplace

In construction and similar industries, there are many hazards that can result in serious injuries. Having the ability to care for someone on site, until medical professionals can help, can make the all the difference to saving a life. Falling, sharp objects and blunt force trauma are just some of the injuries that our Health & Safety in the Workplace course can enable people to handle.

First Aid for Educators

Our First Aid for Educators course is a service tailored to helping teachers and educators handle health emergencies in a learning environment. With special focus on parental consent, handling injuries and choking, fire related emergencies and more, this course fully encompasses safety in learning.

Child Minders First Aid

Accidents happen with children too. For anyone who regularly cares for children, it is very important to be prepared to deal with medical emergencies. Our Child Minders First Aid course covers aspects of first aid specific to child care and is perfect for parents, grandparents, nannies, tutors and more.

Mini Medics First Aid

Even young people can save lives. Our Mini Medics First Aid course is designed to teach children aged 8 – 14 about basic first aid concepts, how to ask for help from a trustworthy adult in an emergency and what to do in emergency situations.

Ocean Safety & Rescue

The ocean holds many hazards from drowning and marine life related injuries to sun burn, water sports related injuries and more. Dealing with these threats and ensuring safety or assisting in rescue in an emergency situation are the core lessons in our Ocean Safety & Rescue course. This training is ideal for people who spend a lot of time in and near the ocean.

Pets First Aid

Along with the rest of our family, our pets can get hurt too. Car accidents, heat stroke, choking and broken limbs are just some of the injuries we cover on how to treat our Pets First Aid course with skills like CPR, splinting and more. The difference between human and animal anatomy may be big but the love we share for them and will to save them is just the same.

Water Safety & Rescue

Whether by pool, lake or any other inland water, drowning and other injuries can occur when in or near water. Having the skills and knowledge to deal with an emergency situation, near water, could help save a life. Our Water Safety & rescue course covers all the skills and knowledge needed to safely enjoy your time in the water.

Our Past Students

Knowledge Saves Lives

Having the ability to identify and assess life threatening situations and stabalise a patient until they’re able to be assess and assissted by a medical professional is the key to saving a life with first aid. Whether waiting on an ambulance in an urban area or medical evacuation in the outdoors, immediate care can be given to patient and could make the difference between life and death.

  • Only 18% of new parents know CPR 18% 18%
  • 90% of people will face a medical emergency as a teenager 90% 90%
  • AED’s increase the survival rate of first aid patients by 70% 70% 70%

Our Amazing Team

Our team at Island Safety & First Aid believe that first aid is for everyone. With decades of experience and a passion for ensuring a high level of understanding, our instructors work to deliver quality training and giving anyone the skills and confidence to save a life.

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